Tales from A Globalizing World

Opening time:
Duration: 2007.04.20 -- 2007.05.06
Location: Today Art Museum(2nd,3rd and 4th floor)

Exhibition Preface

International Photography Exhibition                         
The project of “TALES FROM A GLOBALIZING WORLD” was initiated by SDC in year 2002. It is administrated and sponsored by the organization. The project’s chairman and producer is photographer Daniel Schwartz from Switzerland, who has assigned ten photographers for on-the-spot record subjects in different countries. 
One part of SDC’s function is to enhance the public’s understanding on developing countries. SDC supports “TALES FROM A GLOBALIZING WORLD” project, is doing its best to enhance the activities which help make up the gulf of culture. By establishing the connection between sensibility and interaction, the effort aims to help people know well about people from developing and oriental countries, and to enhance the unity with them. 
Moreover, the effort is to let the public know other cultures, to help the artists from developing countries, to enhance development and cooperation, and to encourage the public for support.
The producer Daniel Schwartz has assigned ten photographers to describe every aspect of Asia’s, North America’s, Africa’s, Europe’s and Latin America’s globalization. Their stories have expressed one single theme. Only the consecutive changes can make us understand this theme. They have constituted 
“The Story of World’s Globalization” project
“Tales from A Globalizing World” project includes centers and surrounding areas, success and catastrophes, evasions and ascendances. It also includes yes versus no about new global consumer’s society and new cross-country elite, developing countries’/the new Fourth World’s struggle for resources, various forms of cultural re-structure and theme protection. The question which is brought forward by the project is how the appearance of new space changes our lives. In a “floating space”, people, products, currency, technologies, knowledge and illegal products can float freely among all countries.
There are all together 241 photographs in the exhibition. Therefore, we can see that they are facing the same problem; yet they also differ from each other. In the process of photographing, the photographs have shown and referred to different aspects. The intercommunity of the exhibited works of more than ten artists is that they show facts on a more extensive social range; they feel, analyze and meditate the social facts from a main-body standpoint; and they embody the process of global socialization objectively with a positive spirit.