From Zush to Evru

Opening time:
Duration: 2007.04.13 -- 2007.05.03
Location: Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

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This exhibition provides an overview of Albert Porta’s (Barcelona, Spain) back catalogue. This artist has developed his art under the creation of two alter-egos, first Zush (1968–2000) and now Evru (2000-present). Sculptor, painter, digital artist, scientist and mystic, Zush-Evru has created a body of work with a very personal iconography, which feeds from European surrealism as well as the most up-to-date cyborg aesthetics.   
Some of the artist’s most emblematic pieces, such as Gran Leda, Djin Jesud and The Victims, along with more recent work by Evru are to be found in these rooms, and new, large format digital photographs, such as Eria and Verudo, are going to be presented to the public for the first time.
The work of Zush-Evru takes form in the most varied of ways: using traditional methods such as paper, canvas and wood, but also the most innovative of techniques, provided to us by the development of technology over recent years. Examples of this include computer-aided digitally generated works, large format digital photographs and the Tecura software program, which has been brought up to date for this occasion. Tecura is a digital painting machine that invites the spectator to create their own work of art based on the tools and images suggested by the artist. 
Evrugo Mental State is the imaginary state founded by Zush in 1968, and which is symbolically represented here in the Office of Flows, a space within another space, a single territory defined within the very walls of the National University Museum. Evrugo is a space parallel to the real world, with its own specific laws, its own currency: the Tucare; its own language: Asura; it is an imaginary territory where everything is possible and where we invite the spectator to contemplate concepts such as identity, borders and the limits that everyone seeks to place on their imagination. 
Welcome to Evrugo Mental State!
    Albert Porta (Barcelona, Spain, 1946), has developed his work through the creation of two alternative identities, Zush, (1968-2000), a psychomanualdigital artist and Evru, (2000-present), an artsciemyst, that is to say: artist-scientist and mystic.
Zush-Evru is one of the most important Spanish artists of his generation, and stands out as a pioneer in the use of new technologies applied to plastic creation. In 1968 he created Evrugo Mental State for himself, an imaginary state that has its own currency, called tucares, its own national anthem and flag: he has even developed his own alphabet, the Asura.
The works of Zush-Evru have been shown in the most important contemporary art museums of Spain; in 2000 large exhibits were dedicated to retrospectives of his work in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Madrid, and in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MACBA) of Barcelona. Furthermore, he has been selected to participate in the most prestigious international exhibits such as Documenta in Kassel, in Germany. His work has been shown in the Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris and in the Guggenheim, New York and is part, with other centres, of the New York MOMA collection.