“Neo-painting”-Yang Qian’s solo exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2006.12.27 -- 2007.01.07
Location: Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

“Neo-painting”-Yang Qian’s solo exhibition
 Organizer: Today Art Museum
 Venue: Today Art Museum

 Yang Qian’s Neo-painting Exhibition hosted by Today Art Museum will be held at Dec.27th,2006 in Beijing Today Art Museum. About 40 pieces of artworks including the ‘ Mother’, ‘Broken Family’ , ‘Mask’, ‘Affair’ and so on from Yang Qian will be on show that day, and all of them are about to integrated as a group so that they can convey an art conception those paintings in single hard to describe. Also, this form of the exhibition is able to reveal the artists’ creating theory.

For a long time, Yang Qian have been trying hard to the particular form of explanation of paintings , that is , find out the result concerning visual as well as mental while different paintings are on show one after another. And this original art experimentation enable the old visual art form painting to be alive.

This exhibition of Yang Qian’s dual-paintings is actually an liberation of tabulate visual art form. As a brave experimentation in today’s culture, the conception of “dual painting” get rid of traditional dull painting conception, which means a lot to the art world. “Dual painting” is a technical conception whose importance lies not in showing an tangible image to us but the implicit information that convey a process concerning the change of time as well as space. With the lights turned on and off, the images in those paintings interchanged. While lights on, what we can see is very abstract or pure concrete. Otherwise, if the lights were turned off , the images seems utterly different than previous situation. Thus, this dual painting is an art conception based on interchange of two spaces but not just paintings. To some extents, It changes the traditional conception of tabulate painting.
  This exhibition of “kinetic painting” and “dual-painting” overthrew traditional way of appreciating paintings. With industrious digging in this field , Yang Qian at last edged himself into the first class of Chinese contemporary artists.