Seasons+Festivals --The Third Cross Strait Children Paintings Exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.02.19 -- 2012.02.26
Location: 1st Floor and 2nd Floor exhibition hall of building No.3

Exhibition Preface

Children are the most common messengers among various parts in our world. Childhood is also the most common memory in our lives. 

Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, namely the Greater China, inherit same great traditional Chinese culture though with very different influences in their very unique geography and history respectively.  These commons and differences, no matter formed by any reason, geographically, historically, educationally, etc, will be reflected by children with their paintings in these regions. These brilliant paintings serve as different mirrors that we can share with their  visions about their world through their eyes as well as ours. We hope that we can learn, think and share from this exhibition.

Nature has seasons and life has festivals. We all expect, celebrate and experience seasons and festivals through our whole lives. They are so unique and different in our memory individually. What about these in the world of children from these four regions? You can get some answers from this wonderful exhibition.

All different ages in these different regions aims to future. But what children care and think, no matter it is about education or growing safely and happily, are not only their expectation about future. They should be our, especially the adults, important current responsibility. 

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