Opening time:2018.11.04 15:00
Duration: 2018.11.04 -- 2018.11.27
Location: Building No.3 Exhibition Hall, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface


Interface is born in the era of Internet and instant messaging. The concept of interface describes the interweaving relation and interaction between the human-machine system and physical and mental events. Interface is a cultural complex which integrates such elements and factors as people, thing, phenomena, technology, space and time. The interface effect is more like the idea of Becoming as referred by Deleuze, which indicates that the interaction and continuous evolution of this culture complex hasn’t reached a state of future. In the intermediary system corresponding to the interface effect, things are not essential and binary fixed but continuously evolve, and show an intrinsic continuous generation state of Becoming. The interface effect represents not only the difference and disagreement, but also the communication and integration.

Taking “Interface Effect Becoming” concept as the theme of this exhibition is mainly based on thoughts about the state of Chinese contemporary art and the possible perspective and space for research. The exhibition is formed by the “Current Situation and Ecological Research of Chinese Contemporary Art” Project under constant efforts of the Chinese National Academy of Arts and National Research Center for Contemporary Art, Chinese National Academy of Arts. In 2018, the Project used Chinese abstract art and multimedia research as an observation point to present a slice of Chinese contemporary art and took a focused and open vision to face the realities and current issues in this field. The exhibition attempts to promote the ability of young artists to self-renew, self-criticize and self-generate while trying appropriate observation methods and research methods. This exhibition is totally committed to building a Chinese perspective and value system that is increasingly rising in academic research based on the national platform.

                               National Research Center for Contemporary Art, Chinese National Academy of Arts

                                                    November 2018



Chen Jinchao, Chen Yufan, Dong Dawei, Deng Yuejun, Hong Qile, flower, Li Tao, Liu Wentao, Liang Yuanwei, Li Xiaofei, Ma Qiusha, Ren Yuan, Tao Duhan, Tan Tian, Tang Xiao,Wu Mengshi, Wu Ding, Wang Zhiyi, Yang Xinguang, Yang Xi, Yan Bo, Zhang Fan, Zhou Qinshan, Zhang Zengzeng& Unpolished Art