ITO JUNJI Horror Manga Art Exhibition

Opening time:2017.9.23
Duration: 2017.09.24 -- 2017.12.17
Location: 1/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

I bet our visitors have expected a lot from taking pictures in the exhibition venue. Of course, we welcome everyone to take pictures and have fun during the exhibition. But before you press the capture button, you may think about the other roles that your smartphones can play during this exhibition.

As a stubborn fan of Junji Ito for nearly 20 years, we’ve seen darkness in our hearts, reflections on human nature and artistic beauty through his comic works. We try to deconstruct Ito’s world from perspectives different from normal types of comic exhibitions.

Please put aside your imaginations about horror! During this exhibition, besides horror, you will also realize the arts beneath horror and converse with Junji Ito.

We welcome every one of you to bring memories of your nightmares to the exhibition.

Ito Junji (born in 1963) is a world famous Japanese horror cartoonist or manga artist who was born in Gifu prefecture of Japan. He was a enthusiast about horror mange by Kazuo Umezu and Koga Shinsaku from a young age, then he started his own horror manga career in 1990. His representative works include Tomie, Uzumaki (Spiral), Lovesick Dead, Oshikiri Idan, the Hanging Balloons and Mimi’s Ghost Stories. Many of Ito’s works have been adapted for popular movies.  


Vanessa Wen