Dialogues With the Dreaming-- Zhou Xiaoping's Solo Exhibition

Opening time:1 April,2017
Duration: 2017.04.01 -- 2017.04.16
Location: 1/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Zhou Xiaoping’s artwork has always blurred cultural backgrounds and art forms. The unique totems and culture of the Australian Aboriginal people intertwine, mix, and blend with traditional Chinese painting styles, producing energy and dynamism in his art. Some of Zhou’s artwork may be reminiscent of Paul Gauguin’s elaboration ofTahitian Aboriginal culture, but his artwork never attempts to describe a unique and independent cultural system that isolates itself from modern art and society. His artwork seamlessly integrates two seemingly unrelated cultures, and transcending time, region, race, language, explores humanity in the broader context of nature and the human endeavour of art by focusing on: BACK TO EARTH.


Cultural bonding lies in Zhou’s long-standing close collaboration with Australian Aboriginal artists. He is not an observer or outsider, but has become a part of this extensive and profound culture. He therefore understands and even creates artwork from an insider’s perspective and in the style of a first-person narration.


As the director of Today Art Museum, it is my honour and privilege to offer a platform for Chinese audiences to enjoy Zhou’s unique and extraordinary artwork. We wish the exhibition a great success and sincerely hope that you will enjoy and appreciate his artwork, and through his artwork also Australian Aboriginal art.


Today Art Museum

Director: Dr. Alex Gao


6thMarch, 2017



Zhou Xiaoping