NEW Yinmeng Painting Exhibition (2015 Communication and Promotion Project of China Nation Arts Funds)

Opening time:29th Oct,3:00pm
Duration: 2016.10.28 -- 2016.11.09
Location: 3th/4th floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

The China National Arts Fund Exchange and Promotion Project “New YiMeng”art exhibition, organized by Shandong University of Arts, and co-organized by Today Art Museum, opened successfully on April 9, 2016. More than 100 pieces of artworks involved Painting, Chinese painting, printmaking, watercolor, experimental art were displayed. 

"New Yimeng Art Exhibition" was the 2015 China National Arts Fund Exchange and Promotion Project, which was supported by the National Fund Committee , leaders and experts from Shandong Province. To ensure the quality of implementing project, and launched a number of art masterpiece as the theme of "new Yimeng", the teachers and students from Shandong University of Arts carried out a series of creative activities as the theme of "new Yimeng". They came to many counties of Linyi to practice drawing and get into the life, which achieved fruitful results. Their new creation “Six Sisters from Yimeng” was collected by the Yimen government. Its high imitation was collected by the Chinese Museum of Women and Children. In 2016, the School of Fine Arts of Shandong University of Arts sent out invitations to the artists at home to  collect works and finally selected more than one hundred excellent works from hundreds of pieces of artwork recommended by the whole nation. They would successively hold the tour exhibition in Jinan, Beijing, Weifang and Linyi According to the introduction of the project manager, the dean of the School of Fine Arts of Shandong University of Arts, Yimeng has always been an important source of creation for the artists in Shandong. The"customs of oil painting exhibition" in  the  80 's, a large number of works were based on Yimeng people's life. Many influential works in the history of Chinese art appeared among them, such as "Douba", "Yishui song" highlighting the overall image of the art of Shandong in the past. After the reform and opening up, the economic development, social construction, people's lives of Yimeng region had made great progress, in order to display historic progress in the form of art, to explain Yimeng spirit by new perspective, new content, new forms, to give it a new significance, propagate new Yimeng image, which had great value from political, social, cultural and artistic aspect.

The exhibition will continue to November the ninth. After the exhibition in Today Art Museum, it will also be exhibited in Weifang and  Linyi.