A Convert To Art QU Qianmei's Solo Exhibition

Opening time:30th,Oct 3:00PM
Duration: 2016.10.30 -- 2016.11.15
Location: 2th floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

The creation of Qianmei QU carries her character of extreme grandness andindistinctness. This kind of painting characteristics is born from the great efforts through the genesis, the artist’s persistence and her strong spiritual guidance during the birth-giving. The multi-level striking experience makes the works of Qianmei QU beyond visual expression. It penetrates into the deep bottom of the invitees’ heart and guides them, summons their guts to look back. It calls for a human spiritual experience!Scratching, burning, splitting and isolating the sadness and pain disguised in fatalistic veil; those are valuable life experience of Qianmei QU. Still, they are also the fountain of her artistic creation. To feed from the sad, to keep calm and carry on, this is Qianmei Style. Putting her past ups and downs into the paintings, reviving the works with her laughters and tears, and enlightening the present with the past. For Qianmei, painting is a bornnature of experience and expression. Beneath her accomplishments, painting is just a way to heal the pain. Keeping on painting will allow Qianmei to reach the spiritual practice she seeks and to touch the nature of happiness.



Jia Tingfeng


QU Qianmei