Poetic Dwelling on Canvas

Opening time:4pm 24 Sep.,2016
Duration: 2016.09.23 -- 2016.10.21
Location: 4th floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Among the new generation of Chinese artists, Cai Jie, Liu Xiangdong, Xue Guangchen and Zhou Meiyuan are the noticeable four that specialized at Photo-realism painting method. They tend to paint intensively and meticulously on their canvas, and invite audiences to enjoy the banquet of a great amount of details. In their paintings, the personal spirit is hiding behind the subjective and calm depicting. Differ from the American Photo-Realism Movement that appeared during late 60s and 70s, the art of the mentioned four artists show more compromise and integration instead of rebellion. This I believe results from a Chinese philosophical tradition. In this exhibition, we will try to explore a clue of“Poetic quality” in their works. Through it, we wish to help deepening the discussion on their works.


Li Xiaoqian


Cai Jie,Liu Xiangdong,Xue Guangchen,Zhou Meiyuan