Bit Palace - Uroboros Dimensions Traveler Wu Juehui

Opening time:3:00pm,August 20 , 2015
Duration: 2016.08.20 -- 2016.09.15
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1,Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

The experiments of arts in various dimensions spaces are crucial references when examining the future and development of art. Technological advancement extended the depth that mankind can reach when exploring the unknown spaces. Meanwhile, arts are evolved together with technology, impinging each other while maintaining a lingering relationship, and creating a whole new other dimension. BitPalace-Uroboros project is like an abracadabra in art areas, attempting to crossover among different concepts.

The traveler Wu Juehui ingeniously puts unrelated media into the same space, cooperating with the strategies and production units. Wu creates a cross-over piece that is full of cohesion. BitPalace-Uroboros bears the inspirations derived from ancient mythologies, the admiration towards scientific revolution and intellectual expansion, and the introspection upon the current immersive experiences. The piece combines visual implications and concerns to the current society, and turns towards the future. Bit is a pass-code, while it is the substitute expression of media as well, and traverses among incarnation, reborn, limitless, universe and information.

The work is inspired by Uroboros. Elements making up the work, including scaffolding matrix, circular staircase, lifting lights, projection and sounds, all have their metaphorical meanings. The scaffolding matrix is the blank space left in the limited mass, representing the unstoppable expansion of modern city constructions. Scaffolding, which is surprisingly common in cities, rips off the epidermis of the city and exposes its inside organs, in a way that is realistic but also abstract. The courtyard enclosed in the matrix is the boarder of limitlessness. The lifting light that keeps rising and setting is the image of sun, which projects the shadows of the scaffolding, amplifying the matrix to fill the entire space. Luminescent projection is the moon, adhering the digital images onto the surface of the mottled steel pipes. The shifting between lights and digital pixels models a virtual image of interchanging day and night. The spiral staircase inside the matrix overlaps itself, just like the Uroboros, where it initiates is where it ends. While the audience walks around the stairs, they experience multiple days and nights engineered by the artist. Such mental and physical process opens a wormhole towards another dimension. In the meantime, the vibrating sound field guides the audience right into the center of the matrix. The ceremonial sense and synesthesia provide the audience with an experience of daydreaming.

As a group exhibition, bitPalace creates a vision of arts in virtual and real world. It also attempts to open a new multi-dimensional pathway leading to artists’ sense of responsibility and the development of art. The exhibition is also an extension and elevation of Today Art Museum’s project Future of Today. Once again, in the name of art, it challenges the concept of space, pushing art towards its spatial boundary, exploring the unknown existence. As the representative of the incoming residential artists at Future of Today, Wu Juehui is the image of artists who live in the present, but looks beyond future.

Curator : Alex Gao
Curatorial Team: Yan Yan & Xie Xiaomin


Alex Gao


Wu Juehui