“Focus on Talents” Finalists Exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2011.05.07 -- 2011.05.18
Location: 2nd exhibition hall of building No.2

Exhibition Preface

“FOCUS ON TALENTS” FINALISTS EXHIBTION will show at 2F,Building No.2, Today Art Museum, during May 7 – May 18, 2011.Including installations, oil paintings, photographs and other art forms,
the works of 10 finalists will be displayed, which will demonstrate the younger generation's unique aesthetics and new concepts. The 10 finalists are Chang Yuchen, Fan Ling, Huang Yan, Li Wei, Lu Yang, Ma Qiusha, Tian Xiaolei, Ye Nan, Ying Xinxun, and Yu Ying (in alphabetical order).The “FOCUS ON TALENTS” is a public non-profit art program jointly launched by Today Art Museum and Martell Art Fund in July 2010. The organizing committee has received a great number of works from over
200 artists throughout the country, which were recommended both by the recommendation committee and artists themselves. After being selected by professional jury members, there are ten young artists on the shortlist. And the winner will be announced at the exhibition opening in May.