Waiting for You------Infinite Time and Space Tian Xiaolei’s Solo Exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2016.05.28 -- 2016.06.15
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

It’s hard to deny that youth artists have the most sentimental and the sharpest impressions about their society. The artworks of Xiaolei Tian keep reminding me of the experience of watching fiction movies. The subject matters in Tian’s videos seem to avoid the familiar figures, objects and logic in everyday life, which creates a bizarre art world with the overlapping space and time. They were captured in various forms in every shot of the video, such as a metallic modern city, numb and rigid figure, and symbolic organs. The avant-garde subject matters create a smooth, spontaneous and detached atmosphere. Perhaps, there are only hollowness and numbness left behind the extreme materialized society. People live in the city silently and are estranged from each other. Furthermore, Tian questions if the over exploitation of machines helps humans to improve or not? The calls of emotional art and the record and rethink of humanities are two major differences between video art and commercial videos. This kind of artworks stimulate people to dig deeper even if they live in a chaotic contemporary world with mass media. This exhibition executed the best known digital artworks from Tian’s practice for recent years. Furthermore, the artist created new digital installation, three dimensional panorama, and other artworks with brand new concepts for this exhibition exclusively. The solo show represents not only a visual celebration from the new perspectives of the contemporary digital artists, but also suggests the unknown possibilities for the digital art movement. I will be waiting for you and introduce you to the fabulous visual party of Xiaolei Tian’s art world! 

Xiaolei's new artworks always surprise me. It's an amazing feeling, just like you meet an old friend again. I worked with Xiaolei for two years and we had a really good time. --Miu Xiaochun

In Tian’s artwork, you can feel the characteristics of “digital art”: it is imaginative and good at illustrating the new ideas like genovariation and time travel. His work predicts our social development. -- Cang Xin

An awarded “The First Shikuo Wong’s Prize” artist, Xiaolei Tian, focuses on making artworks based on the social and cultural debates about the human bodies by using three dimensional technology, multimedia technology, and his own imaginations. He is a particular young artists with lots of potentials who uses unique visual language to interpret the meanings of bodies, the functions of bodies, and the structure of bodies.----- Huang Du


Alex Gao


Tian Xiaolei