Wall Power-Wallpost Artist Exhibition

Opening time:5:30pm,6th January
Duration: 2016.01.07 -- 2016.01.17
Location: 3/F, 4/F,Exhibition Hall of Building No. 1

Exhibition Preface

Wall, accumulation and superposition of many bricks in order, is seen as a symbol of rigidity, reliable and concerted efforts. It exhibits our bygone years when also signifying our future achievements.  

Wall Power: Wallpost Artists Exhibition is a centralized display of Wallpost artist project which is an ongoing art project presenting one recently creative and extraordinary young artist every week since November 2013. By now, it has introduced over 100 excellent artists, while establishing its reputation and influence strongly in art circle. Wallpost artist project is aiming to discover great young artists in China and show their lively creation, so as to collectively discuss and contribute to the development of Chinese contemporary art. The first year of Wallpost arts, emerging with influentially academic lineup, are all recommended by prominent critics, curators, famous artists, galleries, art organizations, as well as the editor of art media. And the judge committee is composed of 12 well-known critics, artists and curators.      

Wallpost Artist Exhibition, being a collective show of 100 good young artists, is more like an exploration and analysis of future road of Chinese contemporary art. Over 100 young artists are to gather here, just like reliable bricks forming a wall of future Chinese contemporary art. They are the very Wall Power. 


Su Yan


Li Yiwen,Liu Zhengyong,Meng Yangyang,Na Buqi,Peng Hui,Wang Lijun,Wu Shengzhi,Wu Shuang,Su Zhe,Yuan Keru,Zhang Lei,Zhang Tingqun,Zhao Lu,Zhao Yiqian