Chinese contemporary art exhibition of Target·Colletors

Opening time:5:30pm, Oct. 16, 2015
Duration: 2015.10.16 -- 2015.10.18
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1,Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

"Target: Contemporary Art Selected by the Collectors" is an exhibition held by the Target Magazine. A number of top Chinese collectors are invited to make available to the public view over 50 pieces of their quintessential collection. These collected works give form to the growing path and the status quo of China's contemporary art. The works cover painting, sculpture, installation and photography. The art forms are extensive and the contents present a clear-cut picture of the genres. It is the first major exhibition that put the collectors in the center and comprehensively address the paths of China's contemporary art ever since the '85 New Wave movement.

The exhibition has the honor to have top Chinese collectors such as Yu Deyao, Tan Guobin, Qiao Zhibing, Tang Ju, Huang Liaoyuan and Liu Lan and is able to show to our audience works by many indispensible artists in the past 30 years of Chinese contemporary art, such as Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun, Fang Lijun, Zeng Fanzhi, Liu Xiaodong, Ding Yi, Mao Yan and Liu Ye.


Zhang Yong


Wang Guangyi,Yue Minjun,Zeng Fanzhi,Liu Xiaodong,Ding Yi,Mao Yan,Liu Ye etc.