Polar Light, Ink Ocean: The Exhibition of Chinese Ink Painting and Artists to the Antarctic

Opening time:4pm,September 26, 2015
Duration: 2015.09.25 -- 2015.10.07
Location: 3/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1,Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

After the “Polar Light & Ink Ocean” held at Huafu Art space in September 2014, the gallery brought the eight participating artists Cai Guangbin, Huang Zhiyang, Liu Zijian, Lu Chuntao, Wang Tiande, Wei Qingji, Zhang Zhengmin and Zhu Yamei to the Antarctic, and held an ink painting exhibition on the cruise ship. "Reshaping the landscape" is the theme of the “Polar Light & Ink Ocean” exhibition hold at the Today Art Museum this September. The so-called "landscape" is a “recreated landscape” from the traditional viewpoint. To a great extent, the artists are not directly sketch on the Antarctic scenery. On the contrary, they are creating new artworks from the concept of "human and nature". Therefore, some artists' works have innovations in art practices, such as using appropriation, juxtaposition, collage and postmodern rhetoric, which is worthy of our attention and research.


Lu Hong


Cai Guangbin,Huang Zhiyang,Liu Zijian,Lu Chuntao,Wang Tiande,Wei Qingji,Zhang Zhengmin,Zhu Yamei