2015 Finding Friends: Discover Young Artists VOL.04:Hi,Future

Opening time:3pm,19 July 2015
Duration: 2015.07.16 -- 2015.08.10
Location: Today Art Window, 1st floor of Building No.2, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

CHI Chunrong. With You
Graduated from School of Sculpture, Tama Art University in 2014, Master Degree

SONG Yanjun( Artist from VoL.03) recommended CHI Chunrong, whose works are with natural and calm tone,  involving audiences in a gentle and smoothy feeling. Under this circumstance, audiences re-sense their own feelings in a new way. In Tokyo, the artist finds ten pairs of passangers coming from different countries and backgrounds, and they are with various emotions, including reserved, shy,restless,relaxed,excited or lost one etc.Visitors can either stay outside the window or enter into it, through pairs of corresponding screens, to experience expression of feeling in different perspective.

TONG Kunniao.TODAY,Pleasant.        
Graduated from School of Sculpture, the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015

PENG Xianfeng( Artist from VoL.03) recommended TONG Kunniao who is good at using creative and vivid form to present strong effect for his art works. He makes the character "TODAY" with artificial colouring catelogues, with the help of those trivial things in daily life, to display it on the windows. That is,as he thinks, exactly what happens today. Many people think those catelogues are symbols of culture and memory, and they feel pleasant when they show to others, ignoring the fact those catelogues already changed.




CHI Chunrong,TONG Kunniao