A Special Exhibition in Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Today Art Museum Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academies Ten Years: 2015 Caissa Rising Arting: The Today Art Museum E

Opening time:4:00pm,August 8, 2015
Duration: 2015.07.18 -- 2015.08.13
Location: Building No.2 & No.3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Art Academies celebrates its tenth anniversary by showing in two sections: "Past" and "Future". The "Future" section features young artists who have never shown at the Nomination Exhibition before. Here we can have an overview of the contemporary young artists in China and grasp the gist of China's present and future in the next ten years, as well as learn about their views of the world.

The Exhibition celebrates its first decade. Summarizing the past decade's exhibitions serves also as a documentation of the growth of China's younger generation of artists today. The "Past" section as a special exhibition dedicated to the anniversary, features works of those young artists who established their names at the past Nomination Exhibitions. This is a ceremonial stage set up especially for these artists to share the glory of the success with Today Art Museum.

Let us be ready for the fascination and surprises of this year's new rising stars and say hello to the beautiful future of China's contemporary art at the Exhibition of the Nominated Students from Art Academies!