Memory of the 1980s - Exhibition of the Eighty Comunity in the spring of 2015

Opening time:3:30pm, May30, 2015
Duration: 2015.05.30 -- 2015.06.14
Location: 4/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1,Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

  Due to the ancestor-worshiping tradition resulted by the traditional patriarchal clan system and family system throughout the Chinese history, Chinese Painting undertakes a mode of teaching and learning. Up to now, although the tradition is opened up from the strict mentoring system, it left different unique traditions and correspondences to different collages around. The 80s Commune as an art community showing respect to the previous masters, aiming to make dialogues with the artists in their 80s from the last generation and the rising artists born after the 1980s so as to trace out the track of the 87-year history of the China Academy of Art.

Comparing to the western painting which describes objection to the maximum, Chinese Painting has an abstract and poetic interpretation to figures. The ‘excellent likeness’ aesthetic and pursuing of the Chinese Painting is in relation with philosophy and literature, for which draws great importance of teachers’ precept. In spite of accumulation on basic abilities, it is more useful and meaningful that the students understand the spiritual pursue of the predecessors rather than merely the painting skills.

Through the exhibition the 80s Commune is willing to display two different 80. On one hand shows the art career of the artistic predecessors, on the other hand the artistic faith and ideal of the rising artistic youth. Involving many art fields such as Chinese Painting, oil painting, sculpture, installation, animation and calligraphy, the exhibition provides record and appreciation to the art memory from the perspective of inheritance. 
  It is not absolutely antagonistic between tradition and contemporary, a balance of inheritance suggests from the exhibition.
—— Alex Gao


Gao Peng


Xu Bacheng/ Huang Jiamao/ Wang Geng/ Wu Guanhua/ Chen Mingkun/ Xu Jia/ Jin Dawei/ Li Minghuan/ Tong Ziyun/ Peng Si/ Li Binyuan/ Huang Wangwang