The Horse Whisper: Zhang Chunyang Solo Exhibition

Opening time:4:30pm,Nov 1, 2014
Duration: 2014.11.01 -- 2014.11.11
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 2

Exhibition Preface

Zhang Chunyang is one of the few contemporary female artists in China that persist in classic expressionism. Her works stick to the aesthetical heritage of spiritual redemption in expressionism and treat the inner world consistently as the sole subject that matters in artistic expression.

Horse has become an obsessive symbolic motif in Zhang's works since 2010. The appearance of horses in her works happens to deviate her from the sullen melancholy that reminds of Munch and presents a rare imagery status of relaxation and self relief. In these recent works, horse not only forms a chronological metaphor of the past, present and future along with women and children in the pictures, it also becomes a spirit medium between memories, illusion and an allegorical world. The artist herself has become a listener of the horse whispers through painting, or a "horse whisperer". These works are result of a dramatic relief after a mind's journey full of nervous tension. Liberal lines and transparent colors form the unique characters of this series of works. The horse is like a new metaphorical medium, as well as a door that is suddenly thrown open. Through the dialogue with the horses, Zhang Chunyang brings her works to the new Taoistic spiritual territory of Non-doing.

The Horse Whisper: Zhang Chunyang Solo Exhibition features the water color and oil paintings with horse motif created since 2010.


Academic Consultant:Huang Zhuan


Zhang Chunyang