The Section of Experimental Art at the 12th National Art Exhibition

Opening time:3pm,17 August, 2014
Duration: 2014.08.18 -- 2014.09.08
Location: 2/F, 3/F, 4/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1, 1/F, 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 2, 1/F, 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Experimental art is a recent phenomenon in China since the country's reform and open-up to the outside world. It is the major trend of world contemporary art, which, along with classical western realistic representational art and predominant traditional Chinese ink and wash painting, shapes the overall landscape of China's contemporary art. Chinese Artists Association decided to set up a special section for experimental art at the 12th National Art Exhibition. This is a decision in accordance to the status quo of China's fine art development and a very ground breaking move in the history of the National Art Exhibition. It sets a milestone in the path of China's history of fine arts.

A committee of experimental art is commissioned by Chinese Artists Association to carry out research and documentation for a lengthy period of time before its proposal is granted by the Association. The exhibition is a retrospective display of the past 10 years' achievements in experimental arts. Works that are not suitable for exhibition owing to medium, condition and certain circumstances are represented with documentation. The exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of the achievements of contemporary Chinese experimental art. It also manages to strike a balance between the presentation of strongly characteristic and creative works, and the state of the country and acceptability of the public. Such balanced consideration makes it possible to realize the first exhibition of experimental art at the National Art Exhibition smoothly and effectively.