Colour Explosion Hidden Meanings: Solo Exhibition of Shen Jingdong

Opening time:3pm, May. 9, 2014
Duration: 2014.05.09 -- 2014.05.13
Location: 3nd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

In today’s Chinese art, not few artworks reflect themes of history and personal memories. But few artists approach their artistic creation in a humorous way as Shen Jingdong does. Too many artists like to recall the past in their expression of history with bitter, suppressed or indignant feelings so that the impression their works leave on the audience is gloomy and dull. In this sense, Shen Jingdong’s artistic creation is a visual liberation from the past and today. After the series Soldiers, he explores any other theme in a like unhurried way. Humorous and slightly mischievous style and brilliant and at the same time childlike language have become the hallmark of Shen Jingdong’s art. His art does not only add a bright touch to the otherwise gloomy picture of history, but more importantly, gives an optimistic dimension to the contemporary Chinese art.——Yang Wei


Yang Wei


Shen Jingdong