"THE REALM OF ADVAITA" CAISSA Rising Arting Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies

Opening time:3:00pm,20th July, 2014
Duration: 2014.07.18 -- 2014.08.11
Location: Building No.2 & No.3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

  “CAISSA RISING ARTING——THE REALM OF ADVAITA 2014 Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies”hold by Today Art Museum and Caissa has been officially launched on April,2014. The Annual Nomination Exhibition collect extensively works among full time fine art major junior college students, undergraduates, postgraduates for a master or doctor’s degree, and graduates who have left the fine art academies within 3 years (including 3 years).
First held in 2006, “Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies” is the first pro bono art prize for college students founded by non-profit art museum in China. The Annual Nomination Exhibition has been widespread concerned in art community own to its matured operation, authoritative technicality and impartial selection mechanism, and it has so far held 8 sessions.
Nomination Exhibition has a multi-exhibition platform that be structured through several processes such as online display, online voting, jury selections and finalists’ phased exhibitions. We hope to provide more opportunities and broader platform for younger artists.

On topic of “The Realm of Advaita”, “Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies” encourages younger artists abandon the secular-minded motivation of “For entertainment” or “Be standard” during their creation. We hope that they could reflect their own experience with a pure soul, which also generates new modes of vision, perception and evaluation. By these new modes, they will get new experiences for their dependent soul and life. 
The Annual Nomination Exhibition invites the judicial council which includes Leng Jun, Yue Minjun, Jiang Hongwei, Shang Yang,Hang Chunxiao, Wu Hongliang, Wu Yi, Shi Chong, Jiang Jian, Zhang Gan, Xu Lei, Gao Peng and other famous artists and scholars. The exhibition also set special Special Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Artists Named Award and other awards. What’s more, the awarded artworks would be collected by the judicial council of the exhibition. The award ceremony would be held at Today Art Museum on July,20th.

Please read more on our Annual Nomination Exhibition official website: http://n2014.artnow.com.cn/art2014/