A Choice Collection Sublime and Divine

Opening time:N/A
Duration: 2014.03.13 -- 2014.04.11
Location: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the birthday of Mr. Wang Shixiang, antique scholar and founder of the study of Ming Dynasty furniture. China Guardian pays homage to the renowned scholar in joining Today Art Museum to present the exhibition a Choice Collection Sublime and Divine. The exhibition puts on display more than 60 Ming Dynasty style furniture pieces as precious as rare pearls from the vast ocean. These furniture pieces are included in the two albums A Choice Collection and Sublime and Divine. Many of these are exquisite pieces that Wang had personally examined and appreciated. In the occasion of this special year, China Guardian's exhibition of these valuable pieces is a grand feast of traditional Chinese culture to the lovers of classical furniture.

The exhibition features excellent works of a group of outstanding young and middle-aged Chinese artists including Shang Yang, Liu Ye, Liu Wei, Zhang Enli, Xu Lei, Mao Yan, Wang Xingwei, Jia Aili, Wang Yin, Qiu Xiaofei, Ma Ke and Luo Quanmu. These artists who have made certain accomplishments in the level of aesthetics are emerging in the viewing horizon of the public and become a community not to be overlooked. They advocate for a totally new path of expression which turns toward the self's emotions and exerts power in the painting itself.