Among the Mountain Views and Serene Water Yeh Fang Solo Exhibition (Works of Painting, Video and Music)

Opening time:3pm, Oct. 13, 2013
Duration: 2013.10.13 -- 2013.10.21
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 3

Exhibition Preface

Yeh Fang's works are a fusion of diversified objects and presentation (painting, video and music). The application of modern technology, the fusion of the West and the East, and the travel through the past and present all demonstrates the extensive thinking of observation, as well as the artistic texture of an overlay of the mind's picture and the objective world. It is an entanglement of intangibility and magnificence. The rhythm of life that trespasses, the heart that pulses, the mysterious inner world dances in between the sky and the earth, and tells about the vastness and serenity of life.


Fang Zhenning


Ye Fang