Self-deportation: Yu Zhenli Solo Exhibition

Opening time:3pm, Sep. 29, 2013
Duration: 2013.09.30 -- 2013.10.14
Location: Building 1, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

What does a time span of 18 years mean to us? The growing up of a child into adulthood, the expansion of Beijing's map from the 2nd Ring to the 5th. And the several up-and-downs of contemporary art in China. It was exactly 18 years ago when Yu Zhenli chose resolutely to start a life of solitude and art creation in the mountains of Da Hei Shan, Dalian. He gave up a seemingly promised tomorrow of fame and success, and spent his 18 years in the cultivation of a reserved territory for art.

This might be a revelation to our times which is much dominated and spoiled with capitals and vanity. Art has its inherent character of purity. It refuses to mingle with worldly tastes and power. Nor does it even care to dialogue with time or space. In the mountains, time runs in slow motion. Life is isolated and sustained by poverty and manual labor. Yu has tasted the solitude and spiritual
purification in such primitive circumstances of life. He utilizes the wastes of consumerism in his aesthetic creation. Such endeavors are a struggle between the self and the mass, as well as a fusion of deportation and pursuit.

The exhibition is a systematic summary of Yu Zhenli's 40 years of art creation from realism
to expressionism and abstract, from canvas to the constructive acts off the canvas. The self-deportation restores the path of his lifetime's creation gradually retreating into solitude. And this is a glaring background beam of light for art of our times.


Li Xianting


Yu Zhenli