The Decay of the Sublime:Li song solo Exhibition

Opening time:4pm, Sep. 28, 2013
Duration: 2013.09.29 -- 2013.10.09
Location: 2rd floor exhibition hall of building 3, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

This is the second solo exhibition organized by Li Song in China, it was decades apart with his first solo exhibition (2004 Yan Huang Art Museum). Li Song cut a striking figure with brick theme and superb painting skills at ten years ago, his work has been concerned by the collection industry and academia, and participate in various exhibitions successively in North America and Europe. However, Li Song never stopping explore and pursuit of the painting language and state. He continued to expand its theme, from the brick, the dolls to the skeleton, candles, cobweb, gallop, sparrows, candles...... and the last big leap achieving in a tiger. After the "Decade of grinding sword" of the practice, Li Song feel that is time to give out the report once again.

Mr. Carter thinks, Li Song's work is rare exciting painting he had seen in recent years, full with powerful strength and subtle details. Li Song's works also made an impressive on Joseph Tanke, he thought that the works completely changed his imagination to painting. Li Song's works broke the boundary between academic and contemporary, fully unleashed his creative potential, turns out clear, frank and direct.


Peng Feng


Li Song