Multifaceted Art – Yahon Chang’s Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition

Opening time:3pm, August 24, 2013
Duration: 2013.08.25 -- 2013.09.01
Location: 2/F,exhibition hall of building No.2, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

In the oriental art world or even the world art world, Chinese ink painting undoubtedly plays an essential role. Ink painting aims at conveying oriental cultural insight and the harmonious values from the inside of people’s mind. This clearly shows Chinese nationality and enriches the images in paintings. The coming exhibition “Multifaceted Art – Yahon Chang’s Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition” interprets contemporary ink painting’s abundant possibilities in terms of displaying the spirit of traditional Chinese ink painting in contemporary art.

Artistic style will not change along the time but the time and space will. Furthermore, the definition of “beauty” among people changes along the time as well. Chinese ink painting emphasizes the inner artistic conception, which is the artistic style that has not changed along the time, and the artworks are the vehicle of the conception to express the artist’s affection. Yahon Chang’s works are created under this idea. In this exhibition, the series includes: “Animals”, “Characters”, “Bloom”, and “Arhat”. With the skills of traditional Chinese artistic conception, the artist uses simple ink painting lines to paint but portrays the deepest side of human nature and the multifaceted property of nature. 
Yahon Chang displays Chinese traditional painting with his extraordinary painting skills to show the spirit of contemporary ink painting in which the long history traditional artistic style is given energy by a new aesthetic values and the contemporary life experiences. The term “Multifaceted Art” represents the artist mental world in which everything could have various façades for the same person when viewing them in different angles. This is the reason why art provides people comforts and motives in the life. 


J.J.Shih,Tina Huang


Zhang Yaohuang