An Exhibition of the Treasured Collections of Today Art Museum

Opening time:N/A
Duration: 2013.07.05 -- 2013.07.26
Location: 2&3/F exhibition hall of building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

An Exhibition of the Treasured Collections of Today Art Museum puts on display its most treasured fine collections of the past ten years, presenting artistic achievement of many a contemporary master from China and abroad. The systematic reviewing of the collections strives to help the visitors gain a better knowledge of China's contemporary art in recent years. The constantly enriched display of collections will build a living context of China's contemporary art for the visitors to have a clear picture of the direction and meaning of the development of art today.

Artists featured at the Exhibition include leading contemporary figures such as Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Tan Ping, Su Xinping, Roger Pfund, as well as new-generation artists like Pan Jian and Huang Ying. Works of painting, photography, sculpture and video demonstrate the variety and richness of contemporary art practice. These artists either create highly personalized artistic languages based on their unique life experiences, or embed their practice in the memory of the grand eras to write about their thoughts as an artist on historical changes. When we take a closer look at the works, we will realize that they are so different from one another that a generalized definition is not easy. Appreciate these works in a peaceful moment, you may be able to feel connected to the inner world of the artist through his/her work, and find the unique characteristics of each and every individual life and its thoughts on art and life.




Fang Lijun,Yue Minjun,Su Xinping,Roger Pfund,Lv Hao,Tan Ping,Lyu Shun,Yin Zhaoyang etc.