2013 Caissa Rising Artists—Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy

Opening time:3:00pm,21th,July,2013
Duration: 2013.07.19 -- 2013.08.19
Location: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1,2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2, building 3
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Exhibition Preface

Aspire for Tao (the Way), refer to virtue, rely on kindness and travel with arts.(Confucious) Clashes of dreams and reality, game between the soul and body, battle between sense and sensibility, traveling in an unknown world to accomplish a leap to discovery. The exhibition is titled Travel and Art, in order to integrate the expressions of young students on art phenomenon. The participants of this exhibition will exceed the mediocre, roam in the free ocean of thoughts and regain a natural and spontaneous growth. In their heartbeat lies a free travel which is more open, broader. The free roam of imagination and self-expression will help them arrival at the dream for art .
2013 Caissa Rising Ar tists: Exhibition for Nominated Students from Art Academy will be held at Exhibition Hall of Building 1(3/F),Building 2 (2/F) and Building 3 (1/F, 2/F) of Today Art Museum from 19 July to 19 August 2013. The Award Presentation Ceremony takes place at the Today Art Museum Plaza on 21 July. The Exhibition hopes sincerely to bring new perspectives and inspiration to the young participants and experience together a wonderful travel in art creation.


He GuiYan