Jianghan Star Plan: Gradualness 2013 Young Artists Research Exhibition

Opening time:4pm, April 25, 2013
Duration: 2013.05.25 -- 2013.05.30
Location: 1st, 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 3,Wu Han Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Onage. It is capable of creating a clear artistic conception. "Jian"(gradualness) is a character like this. It feels slow, vague, flowing yet precise. It is like when you keep a preserved plum in the mouth and feel the taste coming out gradually. Feng Zikai once wrote a prose with the title “Gradualness”in which he said, “Time is the essence of gradualness.” The exhibition “Gradualness” is about sensing the emotion of time, about the evolution of artistic styles, about generation and development of the artist’s creation,and about the process of the viewers' gradual approaching and savoring the works of art. All in all, an appropriate pace in accordance with time may add a particular “sense of beauty”
to the equation S=VT (space equals velocity multiplied by time) and today’s world.
As a brand project of Wuhan Art Museum,Star Plan is making its third appearance. Theexhibition will first take place at Beijing Today Art Museum, and then come home on show in Wuhan. The once a year Wuhan Art Museum Young Critics Forum will be held during the inverval.


Wu Hongliang


Left Behind (Chen Xinpeng, Dong Jing, Liang Shuo, Shao Kang, Wang Guangle, Zhang Zhaohong, Zhou Yi), Ji Dachun, Li Xi, UNMASK (Kuang Jun, Liu Zhan, Tan Tianwei), Wang Lei, Wang Zi, Wen Hao, Wen Ling, Xu Jianwei, Yi Rui, Zhan Rui, Zhang Fan, Zheng Da