Key of the Childhood ——Solo Sculpture Exhibition of Qing Weihong

Opening time:15:30,22 November,2012
Duration: 2012.11.22 -- 2012.11.30
Location: 1st floor 3rd exhibition hall, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Three series of young sculptor, Qin Weihong’s latest works are exhibited in this solo exhibition, "Key of the Childhood". Rooted from his personal memories of growth, he spent two years creating three themes named respectively ‘Edge Fairy tale’, ‘Myth’ and ‘The World’ that are presented in this exhibition. 
Exploring inherence of these three subjects, Qin has reviewed his own experience before interconnections were built up among them. From ‘ Edge fairy tale’ to ‘Myth’, then to ‘The World’ , three themes are visually depicted as artist's self-confession. 

“Fairy tale" is the reappearance of the growth of memory. "Myth"'is the analogy and metaphor of the reality. "The world" is to present a reflection of richness and colorful life. Qin constructs a metabolism connection and narration, applying sculpture techniques in exploration of symbolic meanings of three series. In general, these works may impress people with the feeling of refusal to grow up, however, each figure is featured to attend the mindset. There is much information hidden behind, such as anxiety, restlessness, hesitation, ignorance, isolation, longing, desire, curious, sadness, warmth are converted into visual language. A distinguishing personal sculpture language is created by him. Inspired and illuminated from surrealism, Qin Weihong discovered a more suitable way to express his unique style. His approaches are in between reality and fiction, fragile state and complex relations are figuratively presented. The reflections of human kind's thinking and behavior are brought up eventually by the artist. 
Qin Weihong was graduated from central academy of fine arts department of sculpture in 2010. Being China's new rising emerging sculptor, he is known as a representative of his generation. Among young artists, his works are distinguishingly characterized with his own style. Audiences are often deeply touched by his works due to the tinges of rich emotions, romantic, poetic and youth. 


Huang Du


Qing Weihong