It's a paradox, isn't it?-Exhibition of Xiang Qinghua's works

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.05.01 -- 2012.05.13
Location: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1,Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

This exhibition can be conceived as a invite from Xiang qinghua himself. He want to invite us to experience his individual,private and ‘else’ way of view in his works.

This exhibition can be conceived as a invite from itself for an issue. Can it be not only a view-space of exhibt but a palce of issues? The issue is about what is and how can we experience Xiang qinghua’s  ‘else’ way of view through his works this two years.

As a time of view-experience,for Xiang qinghua’s works ,if they are regarded as erroneous ways of view and image results, what are the right ones?

Finally, the issue is, as a rhetorical question can be experience in this exhibition for Xiang qinghua’s works, It’s a paradox,isn’t it?

Issue architecture


Li Jinghui


Xiang Qinghua