"Oltre Confine" Bosco

Opening time:May 19, 2012
Duration: 2012.05.19 -- 2012.05.29
Location: 1st floor exhibition hall of Building No.2, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

"Oltre Confine" is an art project consists of two exhibitions dedicated to the artistic works of Maestro Roberto Bosco. The two most authoritative and prestigious art institutes: the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA in New York (7 to 21 April 2012) and Today Art Museum of Beijing (19 to 29 May 2012) will host the creations of Roberto Bosco, an artist among the most significant international scene.

Roberto Bosco was born in Rome in 1951 and there he studied the classical style. In 1968, he moved to Paris and we could seen from his artistic style that at that time he began a study on shape-form. His paintings looked highly structured, with bold and textured colors. The visual arts, in its immense expressive potential, albeit modernized and updated, will be the constant reference of his entire artistic career.

The paintings of Roberto Bosco are casting a vision like "Comedie Humaine" in an ideal manner, giving life to figures, and the composition of figures are appropriately measured: in a space with a waiting and suspension of action, human beings can find the values deepest in the artist’s heart.

Man is destined to confront and deal with the existential crisis caused by the inability of not being able to manage and control all of the ethical and economic models generated by himself, which literally shaped our history.

Faced with this new era with lots to be discovered and defined, Bosco conveys a positive message of infinite hope and courage, focusing on his observation on the signs of times.

The aesthetic experience through painting will therefore be conceived on the basis of an active form and style appropriate to fix the existing in its becoming.

"The March for Peace" (2009) is a representative work of the artist's ability to combine modernity and tradition. The objects of his work expresse vigorously all the experience and the physicality of the urban environment in which man relates. The city is the backdrop of his creations, a Sacret Temple par excellence of our time. The slender figures shown up in the paintings, with neat simplicity, are those living under the control of the signs of this era.

A recent  painting is titled "BEYOND BORDERS" (2012) in which Roberto Bosco’s formal language evolves in the direction of a complete insight of the human soul.

The relationship with the cultural themes of his time is fully reflected in his paintings, which become the mirror of the existential progress of human beings.

Luca Misiano


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