Something from Nothing--Bian Qing's Solo Exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.04.12 -- 2012.04.19
Location: 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 2

Exhibition Preface

The young artist Bian Qing searches for every possibility to enable him to express his heart via his paintings. Regardless of obstacles from the outside world, he can clearly sense the subtle changes deeply inside of himself during the development of his painting and research which resurrects his art into life itself which is precious in this new generation.

The work of Bian Qing is intangible, gleaming, quite implicit yet full of tensility. It is plentiful yet extremely peaceful at the same time. In his words he said, "In painting, I found a new entering point into religion". This entering point allows him to introspect his heart, and discover the inner power and return back to nature. This nature is not the physical world, natural science nor natural philosophy, but a state of being transformed into "emptiness" or "nihility", then have the natural and instant induction between himself and the universe. This 'joining’ is then transferred into his painting. There are no figurative images in his painting but a flow of energy which provokes different imagination of the views and touches the deepest peace in the heart.


Guo Xiaoyan


Bian Qing