Unvisible-visible -- Solo Show of Dieter Jung

Opening time:
Duration: 2008.09.04 -- 2008.09.25
Location: 1st floor exhibition hall of building 2, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

To a certain extent,there is a particular emphasis on the world's materiality in the modern science and technology, but the product of the combination of science and technology is not just consumable, in a larger sense, it indicates a rise of a new way of thinking. With the continuous evolution of the society, the relationship between science, technology and people becomes closer and closer, from the earliest form of interpenetration to the deeper modern structural amalgamation, we can conclude that the ultimate base and standard for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages for science and arts still remains people. The mode of existence and the perceptive manner of people are becoming more and more the main component of the artists' works, Dieter Jung is an outstanding artist in this field. The main target of his works is to syncretize sounds, lights, sculptures and some special occasions to create an environment surrounding the spectators. In the experiment arts fields of Dieter Jung, he tries to link the real and the virtual world on the means of the multi-dimension which makes a aesthetic dimension beyond the bodily apperception.

Behind the shadows and lights of his works, except peculiar aesthetic characteristics of the artists of new media, spectators can feel the marks of the artist's self-awareness, and it's a power of thought. In comparison with science and technology, which make spectators interactive and get involved, the artists care more about whether the works can motivate people to think about the New-media art.

In China, where the new media art is just arisen, there are still some wrong cognitions about academic orientations and ways of expression, but some Dieter Jung's experiments, to some extent, have contained some modern pioneer elements, so it's very significant to exhibit his works in the Today Art Museum. We hope that by means of presenting his works, the notion of the New-media art can be extended, and through the interactivities with the works, spectators can make more various imaginations and spurt more advanced originalities about the world.

—— Zhang Zikang



Dieter Jung