Starting-Youth Artists Introducing Plan by China Sculpture Institute

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.01.08 -- 2012.02.13
Location: 2nd Floor exhibition hall of building No.2, 1st ,2nd Floor exhibition hall of building No.3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

As a form of art, sculpture started to be confronted with new problems since the 21st Century. While it has been materialized and become some conception and tool, its ways of impression were also marginalized and decomposed. China Sculpture Institute, as the professional academic institutions, should underline the art content of sculpture again, which is an art form, and reflect on the ar t form’s worth and meaning, facing to these problems and putting forward solutions. China Sculpture Institute makes self construction and purify the conception, at the same time, to inject new energy and vitalize its independence. There is not only conception innovation, but also creations by freshman. For that reason China Sculpture Institute Salon, as the youth part in China Sculpture Institute, started the operation with peace and courage. Based in Beijing 798 Art Park Our salon provides youth sculpture with a platform to think and create in free style. Since Sept. 2010, they have organized five exhibitions and the names of them were very cool as“ construction”,“ matter”, “Body”“, Soul”“, Play”. These names were not systematical classified, but a gathering of different creating conditions. This project is planned for future and for possibilities. Through various patterns and different ways of disseminating, the project will enlighten sculpture and give youthful respond. Therefore, the exhibition is named as“ start” which is very meaningful.


Wu Hongliang, Tang Yao