12th Annual Exhibition of the New Art Academy Elite

Opening time:July 10, 2019
Duration: 2019.07.10 -- 2019.07.21
Location: Beijing Today Art Museum, Building No.2,1st and 2rd floor

Exhibition Preface

2019 is the year of the Chinese lunar calendar. Since the 2008 Shanghai New Ink Exhibition, the first New Art Academy Elite exhibition, so far there have been 12 rings.


Looking back at the New Art Academy Eliteexhibition held in Beijing Today Art Museum in 2010, 2013 and 2017, especially the grand ceremony of the New Art Academy Elitein 2017, the scenes from the beginning planning to the successful holding are still vivid.This year, 2019 annual nomination exhibition of the New Art Academy Elite, which is also the 12th annual exhibition of the New Art Academy Elite , is held in Beijing Today Art Museum, which will once again become a grand event of Chinese painting.The exhibition is divided into two academic units: 90 nominated artists from the post-90s generation to participate in the The 90 90 project and the New Pink Book project of post-70s, post-80s and post-90s artists.For two weeks, more than 300 new works of modern artists from the college of contemporary Chinese painting will be gathered to show the new phalanx and new ecology of contemporary Chinese painting art.


The New Art Academy Elite has been adhering to pushing the new and bringing forth the new since the beginning. Through more than ten years of continuous attention and promotion, it observes the new group phenomenon and academic trend of contemporary Chinese painting from a specific perspective.The New Art Academy Elite, in the past ten years focused on the groups, which from the early days of the New Art Academy Eliteto lay a solid foundation for bedding, 65 after 70 after contemporary Chinese painting innovation mainly, to the new path after 70, 80 after ink painting, to now active again after 90 college of art, they are based on the traditional Chinese painting, starting from the Angle of view and their respective cultural care, in an age of continuous flow of the kernel and artistic exploration of individuals in the metamorphosis, brought all the possibilities for the development of contemporary ink painting, and also made valuable exploration about the future of the Chinese painting.


Chinese painting art development so far, the ups and downs, after a recent and introduces the test of reform and opening up in the eighty s and the rapid development of contemporary China's modernization, our life has concentrated the other countries in more than a century even century experience changes, in the face of sudden foreign art and the challenge of multi-cultural value orientation, specific ink painting spirit of Chinese painting by inclusive mind fuses between contemporary media and the traditional resources, evolved a new artistic style and artistic form, makes the new chapter.


The New Art Academy Elitehas formed a good atmosphere of originality and innovation with the practice and exploration of Chinese painting artists of different generations, from the original pioneer of post-60s art to the new rookie of post-90s college.Was born in ink rookie gradually swelled after rates at the end of the century, they are in a mature modern art education college education system under the growth of a group of new students of art, is a maverick, change of novelty, hold innovation generation, they are rooted in its own cultural soil, not to simply to return to the traditional national identity, not to avoid the loss of ability to respond to the age, does not lack in the face of the present and future wisdom and courage, but out of respect for art and culture itself, to return to their own true feeling of art.Rates after the ink rookie performance in subject matter, ink usage, visual presentation, and form a refurbished ingenuity, seemingly follow, along with the gender, is in the east and the west ", "traditional and contemporary", "college and society", "pluralism and mainstream" between explore the multidimensional of contemporary Chinese painting, in pay attention to the border of different cultures on the basis of further release at the same time, to the practice of traditional Chinese painting conformity and the innovation of mutual permeability.


Twelve years shall be a period.The New Art Academy Elitewill reassemble in Beijing Today Art Museum in the 12th year . The post-1970s, post-80s and post-90s contemporary Chinese painting artists will start a new phalanx and a new vision together. 


Weimin Yang, Revised at Beijing Today Bookstore on June 26, 2019


Yang Weimin