Sobin Park:In Pursuit of the Lucky Dragon

Opening time:2017.09.23 16:30
Duration: 2017.09.23 -- 2017.10.29
Location: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

In her process of drawing, the artist Sobin Park makes great use of turning the tempero-spatial into a unique medium for creation. Under the echo of black and white, her works have a dynamic four-dimensional visual effect, which is akin to some features of engraving, transcending constraints brought by traditional visual experiences. Park uses the most humble materials on large-scale drawings. The theme throughout all her works is eternal love, and it is manifested in figurations of “dragon” and “girl”. The scaly skin of dragon contrasts sharply with feminine subtlety; they represent the male and female energy respectively and the balance of Yin and Yang from the book I Ching as well.

Based on pencil sketches, the artist tries to break the limitation of flatness and singularity in the creation of image making. Her method has reconciled conflicts of rigidity and softness thus it presents harmony in the drawing. Park puts her emotions and ideals into paradoxical situations, and storytelling into the formation of a dynamic rhythm. Her work creates a dramatic storyline that impacts our vision by abstract and metaphorical expressions.

In addition to her exploration of a new visual language, Sobin Park also attempts to reshape a new visual experience in the relationship between Asian mythology and contemporary feminism. Park shows us beast, love, and relationship from traditional myths in their complete expressions. Her art can be both direct and obscure; it reflects the new fashion of the new generation of contemporary Asian women artists.

                                                                                                   Dr. Alex Gao, Director of Today Art Museum 

Sobin Park


1996 MFA, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea (A Study on the Symbolism and Artistic Forms of Dragon)

1993 BFA, Mokpo National University, Mokpo, Korea  


2016 International Artist-in-Residence Program Gwangju City Museum and Himalayas museum, Shainghai, China 2014 20th Gwangju Art Award  
2013 8th Gwangju City Museum Young Artist Award  
2012 Force Registrants, Beijing, China 2011 Vermont Studio Center, Arts Residency, New York
2011 Beijing Art Residency, Artist in Residence of Gwangju Art Museum, Beijing, China 2009 Bushwick Art Residency, Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York
2009 The 9th Light-Ha JeongUng Young Artist Award, Gwangju, Korea
2006–2007 Artist in Residence, Gwangju City Art Museum-Palgakjeong Art Studio, Gwangju, Korea 



Thalia Vrachopoulos


Sobin Park