Passions of Silence -- Yang Kai’s Solo Exhibition

Opening time:17 December, 2016 15:00
Duration: 2016.12.17 -- 2017.01.03
Location: 1/F Exhibition Hall of Building No. 2

Exhibition Preface

Yang Kai loves painting on large canvas. He neither pursues the depth which the classical painters were fascinated in, nor follows the of abstract painters to make all-over paintings. Yang Kai seems to paint spontaneously. But his painting is different from the graffiti which aims at occupation through damage. Yang Kai is not the same with the street painters either, who try to transform the aggressive graffiti into decorative street paintings. What Yang Kai does on canvas is releasing his passions and expressing his thinkings. He is different from his generation who loves indie pop. He deals with the topics that are serious or even cruel. However, he is also different from the authentic contemporary artists who are dedicated to social criticism. Yang Kai transforms the sociological into the psychological. He makes self-analysis and reveals the psychological life of his generation. One of the consequences of the one child policy is that the individuals under the social disciplines are homogenized. However, what under the plain surface is great passion. Yang Kai releases his passions, which are hided in his real life, onto the huge canvases. 


Peng Feng


Yang Kai