Li Jin•Today•Banquet – Li Jin's Solo Exhibition

Opening time:2012-12-8 16:00
Duration: 2012.12.09 -- 2013.01.06
Location: 2nd floor exhibition hall of building 1

Exhibition Preface

      Li Jin’s paintings are full of ardent passion for the earthly world and in the meantime, overwhelming grief over mortality. They unravel the splendor of earthly indulgence and pierce deep through to the eternal grandeur. His works inhale in sensual airs through each of those hungry pore and splash into a corridor to the religious world.

      The disparity between sensual hedonia and imminent mortality produce the tension of arts. This tension reaches its ultimate beauty in the European Baroque sensuality arts. In China, there is no ground to trace back for Li Jin’s bold sensuality, either from the naturalistic paintings of Chinese Tang and Song Dynasties, or from the literati paintings created with inner experiences and moralities in the following centuries. To those old time literati painters, the forthright exposure of sensual yearns by Li Jin is panicking.

      Despite the fact, Li Jin refers his deep and through understanding of literati paintings in his creation. “Food” is a new territory of his exploration, which serves as an irony against the tradition. The charisma of aesthetics produced by following and breaking through traditions is impressive.

      To each of the contemporary Chinese ink painting artists, traditions offer comfort and knowledge, while the real world stirs up inspiration and creation. But after all, the inner self makes the real and single support a painting artist depends on.


Michael Kahn-Ackermann


Li Jin