Arrested Time –New Media Art from Germany

Opening time:2017.09.17 11:00
Duration: 2017.09.17 -- 2017.11.12
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

It is the honor of Today Art Museum to participate in the large-sized German modern and contemporary art exhibition of “Germany 8: German Modern and Contemporary Art in China”, which is hosted by China Central Academy of Fine Arts and German Bonn Art and Culture Foundation and totally planned by Professor Fan Dian from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Professor Simailin, the President of Bonn Art and Culture Foundation.
Beijing Cutural Development Foundation Today Art Speical Fund also support this exhibition.

Themed by “Freezing Time”, the exhibition displays the classic works of six most famous and active new media artists from Germany such as Harun Farocki and Julian Rosefeldt to highlight the characteristics of the new media art, remove the misunderstanding of the masses on the art, break the original media and present the simplex art to the masses by different exhibition ways; moreover, it also serves as the carrier of concept to enable the public to feel the mass and academic value other than works. 

Up to now, with the development of German new media art, the concepts and practices are constantly innovated. This exhibition highlights the characteristics of the new media art represented by the image art, extracts the elements of artistic creation from life and interprets the cultural significance and critical spirit of works by taking the surrounding personal experience, scenes and slices of life as the performance objects.  

The rapid development of new media art brings more possibilities to the art. The artistic skills of artists applied in each creation will not only become a wave of thinking to drive the development of artistic concept but also discover more and bestow value to technological means and utilities other than functionality. In turn, the continuous improvement of technology also makes the art become more abundant and diversified. 

This exhibition not only offers us an opportunity to tease out the post-war German contemporary art based on special subjects and present the complete and unique German image art viewing experience to the public in China but also allows the visitors to have exchanges about the cultural characteristics of the arts in both countries and enhance mutual understanding during cooperation. The seminars and public education projects held during exhibition can completely show the technical and exploratory nature of German contemporary art. Finally, on behalf of our staff, I would like to welcome you to Today Art Museum and visit “Germany 8: German Modern and Contemporary Art in China”.
Dr. Gao Peng
Director of Today Art Museum


Walter Smerling,Fan Dian


Marcel Odenbach,Julius Popp,Julian Rosefeldt,Clemens von Wedemeyer,Harun Farocki, Jürgen Klauke,Hito Steyerl