Retrospective Exhibition of Qingqing’s Installation Art

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.03.01 -- 2012.03.08
Location: 3rd floor exhibition hall of building 1
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Exhibition Preface

The late 1900s witnessed the rise of Chinese feminist art and Chen Qingqing is certainly considered one of the leading representatives of this group. She establishes a powerful individual style that embodies a linguistic system of spiritual intuition, a language that can address heavy themes with a delicacy and lightness. This facility is an exquisite and imposing characteristic of the feminist language. Displaying a sense of internal spirituality and a pressing feminist determination, Qingqing possesses a powerful imaginative language.

Chen Qingqing's installation art establishes mysterious worlds, which occur within box-like forms, The scenes within are horrible, beautiful, ghastly, or even seem like a child's fantasy. For example, a small dinosaur presses up against a terrified and panic-stricken little, tan-skinned blond girl; a group of angels composed of blond-haired, blue-eyed girls with dinosaur bodies hang from a tree merrily singing; a small child's hand or two snakes stretch through holes in a hollowed television set; a small whimsical tree is stuck through the belly of a green-haired, child wearing a white coat; a small group of piglets crawl up towards the roof of a model of the Tiananmen gate, etc.

This Exhibition is a retrospective representation of Chen Qingqing’s works since the last 20 years.



Chen Qingqing