Opening time:
Duration: 2007.06.24 -- 2007.07.08
Location: Today Art Museum(the 2nd floor gallery)

Exhibition Preface

Advised by Mrs Weng Ling, the exhibition “Nine Trees” with three artists Xu Longsen, Bai Yiluo and Shi Jingsong will be presented at Today Art Museum. Using different medias such as installation, photography, wash-and-ink painting, all these works are inspired by the form of “tree”, and aim to reveal the spirit of a tree that is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. “Nine Trees” explores the relationship between

contemporary and traditional art. It brings out the question of how to face the reality of cultural gap through artistic language, and helps artists to find out the appropriate cultural identity in the contemporary context.

Duration: 24th June-8thJuly
Venue: the 2nd floor Gallery