Abstract·Classicl —Chen Xin Oil Painting Exhibition

Opening time:4:00pm, 17 September 2014
Duration: 2014.09.17 -- 2014.09.28
Location: 3nd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

He is so infatuated with painting, the two huge and heavy palettes covered with paints are good proofs.

He started oil painting in 1977 and became a freelance painter on his retirement from the army in 1984. He occasionally sold one or two of his works and then invested all that he got to painting again. When there’s hard time that he cannot financially continue, he went to teach as a part time teacher. As long as it’s getting better, he resigned teaching and went back to painting again. He’s never been the one to schmooze someone to sell his works. He’s been like this for over 30 years.

Modern painting, also known as plane painting, is very different from classic painting. Chen Xin’s abstract paintings are those that are far beyond plane. Color and shape are not drawn in front of a two-dimensional background in his painting, but are portrayed in a three-dimensional circumstance.

Only the intangibility and the deepness of a three-dimensional circumstance, could people find a conception.

While different from the intangibility which is the conception that artists pursued in ancient China, Chen Xin is looking for something deep and profound. Finally, he found something in Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn.
With the contrast of dark brown with bright yellow, with the co-existence of roughness and ethereality, with the coupling of clutter and order, the ancient dark brown is refreshed and reborn to be a new chapter.

In main part of his painting, there’s a propulsive and extensive power, which is sometimes in a cluster of falling stones and sometimes on a collision of different parts.
There’s occasionally a touch of brightness found in dark brown, which indicates a bigger space among the cracks of darkness, or which indicates the skyline far away.
When people think of skyline, there will be more imaginations drawn out by abstract image, for example the bonfire at night, the meeting of a bagger with goddess, the intersection of mountain and ocean and the emergence of ancient wood and dead sea……

Modern painting, known as abstract painting, also varies from the classic concrete painting. In Chen Xin’s works, there’s an imagination for concrete images derived from abstract art.

Василий Кандинскийn is the one who firstly metaphorically compared abstract painting to music. A century has passed by, abstract painting is now still waiting for his Beethoven and Bach. I wish that Chen Xin would bring us hope.——Liu Xiaochun 


Liu Xiaochun


Chen Xin