Spirit Moment —— Ma Dongmin Solo Exhibition

Opening time:4pm, Sep. 14, 2013
Duration: 2013.09.15 -- 2013.09.23
Location: 4th floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

In this new series of works by Ma Dongmin, a new visional landscape of the artist's contemporary language is constructed with images that belong to the memory of the global public. The people, things and objects that have been labeled as canons of the time in these images are processed and selected by the artist to form a quiet path toward the destination of universal values and moral hights. The glory, desire, tranquility and excitement that has been purged by the stream of time are presented inthese re-created works with a mild glazing.

In a time of moral decadence and absence of faith, these images gathered by Ma Dongmin expand in our vision to create a time line through the new-borne, the lost and the immortal heritages in opposition to the existence of the current. They become a remedy for us to apply to ourselves and make inner inspection and reflection.




Ma Dongmin